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March Playmate, Miki Hamano spent my youth in rural Japan but as youll see, this free spirit is because American as they come.

March Playmate, Miki Hamano spent my youth in rural Japan but as youll see, this free spirit is because American as they come.

On emerge gorgeous Malibu, Ca, Miki enjoys a hot time outside given that professional photographer, Ana Dias catches her bold and striking beauty. When youre young, you certainly can do such a thing, begins Miki. I came towards the united states of america as a change pupil once I had been 19 yrs . old. It absolutely was an adventure it! and so I loved Though now Miki exudes a confidence that is fearless it ended up beingnt always this way. All the girls in L.A. are incredibly gorgeous, we thought we had to end up like them, she explains. Now we understand theres freedom in being in your natural state. Being comfortable during my own skin doesnt mean we want to be objectified; it indicates Im loving myself and embracing whom i will be. Im themselves so easily! thankful I reside in an occasion and put when individuals can show

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